Solidarity with UAW

Solidarity with our brothers & sisters in the UAW who work for GM. After $35 billion in worker-generated profits over the last 3 years GM is refusing to budge on key issues. We at HVALF stand ready to support our UAW members as needed. #GMInvestInUS “UAW International Union AUTO WORKERS GO ON STRIKE AFTER YEARS OF TIRELESSLY HELPING GENERAL MOTORS REACH RECORD-LEVEL PROFITS — UAW … Continue reading Solidarity with UAW

HVALF endorses the WISD’s High Point School Bond millage

The Huron Valley Area Labor Federation endorses the Wastenaw Intermediate School District’s High Point School Bond millage! For further information about the millage, developed by WISD, go to the WISD’s millage page.  List of endorsers . MLive also has a balanced write-up on the millage . This is on the August 6th ballot, so time is short. We encourage all members of HVALF affiliates and their … Continue reading HVALF endorses the WISD’s High Point School Bond millage

NAFTA Town Hall – June 19

For more than 25 years, workers have been devastated by NAFTA and trade rules that benefit corporations at our expense. With the agreement back on the table, find out where the labor movement  stands and make your voice heard. Join HVALF for a Town Hall meeting on NAFTA with AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka starting at 6:00 PM at UAW Region 1A, 9650 S. Telegraph Road, … Continue reading NAFTA Town Hall – June 19

Ways to fight back during Lame Duck

(From an email to labor and community supporters) “As I’m sure you’re aware, politicians in Lansing have begun their lame duck efforts to weaken democracy and harm Michiganders. Legislation is moving quickly to gut the paid sick leave and minimum wage initiatives, in addition to attacks on labor unions, workers, women’s health, the environment, recreational marijuana, and much more. They’re also stripping powers of the … Continue reading Ways to fight back during Lame Duck