HVALF Endorsements 2022 (partial)

Below is a list of the candidates who have so far sought and gained the endorsement of the Michigan AFL-CIO (for state-level races) and the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation (for local races). Some local candidates who do not face August primary opponents have not yet sought the HVALF’s recommendation. Interviews with this second wave of candidates will take place in July and decisions will … Continue reading HVALF Endorsements 2022 (partial)

HVALF Open Letter to UMPNC Nurses

Dear Michigan Medicine nurse and union member, We are reaching out to you as your union brothers, sisters, and siblings in the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO. We understand that you are facing an upcoming election that could determine your future for decades. We encourage you to stay with your current union and to protect your contract by voting for the “Michigan Nurses Association … Continue reading HVALF Open Letter to UMPNC Nurses

HVALF Resolutions July 2021

Resolution At our July 6, 2021 monthly meeting, HVALF Delegates passed the following Resolution: Delegates to the Huron Valley Area Labor Council (HVALF) have learned that some of our sisters and brothers in the Michigan Nurses Association University of Michigan Professional Nurses Council (MNA UMPNC) have recently stopped paying dues, thereby quitting their union. We strongly urge our MNA UMPNC sisters and brothers to remain in … Continue reading HVALF Resolutions July 2021

HVALF Statement on U-M Regent Ron Weiser

U-M Regent Ron Weiser’s recent remarks to the North Oakland Republican Club are the latest in a series of statements and actions that are incompatible with the values and mission of a public university such as the University of Michigan.  The threats of violence towards five democratically elected officials are particularly abhorrent and have no place in a university dedicated to the open pursuit of … Continue reading HVALF Statement on U-M Regent Ron Weiser