HVALF Open Letter to UMPNC Nurses

Dear Michigan Medicine nurse and union member,

We are reaching out to you as your union brothers, sisters, and siblings in the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO. We understand that you are facing an upcoming election that could determine your future for decades.

We encourage you to stay with your current union and to protect your contract by voting for the “Michigan Nurses Association and Its University of Michigan Professional Nurse Council.” Any other option may put your contract at risk, would result in you decertifying your current union, which  would make it very difficult to remain part of the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, to the detriment of your union and the wider labor movement that the HVALF represents. 

The Michigan Nurses Association is the largest nurses union in the state and has a 45-year track record representing your local. Do not vote away all that you have won as MNA members over the years. Do not leave our broader labor movement. Vote to stay with the Michigan Nurses Association.

In solidarity,
Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO

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