Ways to fight back during Lame Duck

(From an email to labor and community supporters) “As I’m sure you’re aware, politicians in Lansing have begun their lame duck efforts to weaken democracy and harm Michiganders. Legislation is moving quickly to gut the paid sick leave and minimum wage initiatives, in addition to attacks on labor unions, workers, women’s health, the environment, recreational marijuana, and much more. They’re also stripping powers of the … Continue reading Ways to fight back during Lame Duck

Defend workers during Lame Duck!

LAME DUCK ALERT! This video helps to make clear why working people and their unions need to stand up and get active over the next six weeks to protect ourselves against likely assaults on our rights and interests. PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE WIDELY!! After you’ve watched, please join us! Sign the pledge, indicate what types of action you will take in this fight, and share … Continue reading Defend workers during Lame Duck!

Inspire Your Co-Workers into Action workshop

Join labor and community activists for an upcoming workshop: SECRETS OF A SUCCESSFUL ORGANIZER “Are you ready to organize your co-workers to win victories at work? These workshops are for you. Learn the basics of organizing and creating a winning plan, based on the popular book Secrets of a Successful Organizer. Learn the time-tested methods that work!” When: Saturday, December 8, 2018, 9 am-1 pm … Continue reading Inspire Your Co-Workers into Action workshop

AT&T, respect your CWA employees and their communities!

The Huron Valley Area Labor Federation sent this letter to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson on October 16, 2018. Here’s how you can help our CWA brothers and sisters in this fight: go to http://www.shamecampaign.org/ and sign the petition demanding that AT&T behave responsibly. Then share the petition with others via your preferred social media, and use the hashtags: #OffshoreNoMore #StopOutsourcing Dear Mr. Stephenson, I write … Continue reading AT&T, respect your CWA employees and their communities!

Solidarity with U-M Nurses

The 5,800 nurses who care for you and your family at U of M Hospital may now need your support. They’re negotiating with a management that’s refused to bargain in good faith about what they care about most: their patients. By a 94% margin nurses voted in September to authorize a three-day work stoppage if necessary, to protest the University’s unfair labor practices. Due to … Continue reading Solidarity with U-M Nurses

Election Jobs with Working America

Election Jobs! Full Time, $15 per hour (Center Line) There is no better time to join Working America’s campaign team. Here in Michigan we need common sense leadership that works for all of us. We use strength in numbers to build movements and win elections! Working America’s field program combines cutting edge technology with tried and true grassroots outreach to educate and empower voters. Our Field … Continue reading Election Jobs with Working America