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About Us

The mission of the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation is to improve the lives of working families in Washtenaw County, Livingston County, Jackson County, and Hillsdale County — to bring economic justice to the workplace and social justice to our region.

Mission of the AFL-CIO

The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations is an expression of the hopes and aspirations of the working people of America.

We resolve to fulfill the yearning of the human spirit for liberty, justice and community; to advance individual and associational freedom; to vanquish ­oppression, privation and cruelty in all their forms; and to join with all persons, of whatever nationality or faith, who cherish the cause of democracy and the call of solidarity, to grace the planet with these achievements.

We dedicate ourselves to improving the lives of working families, bringing fairness and dignity to the workplace and securing social equity in the Nation

For more, please see the AFL-CIO website.