Check out this Michigan AFL-CIO web site for an easy way to see which candidates the labor movement has endorsed, from the national level to the local level: https://miaflcio.vote/

HVALF’s Process for Endorsements (2022)

  • March 15 HVALF Candidate Questionnaires go live
  • April 19 Candidate Filing Deadlines
  • April 23 COPE Candidate Orientation
  • April 30 COPE Candidate Orientation
  • April/May COPE Candidate Interviews (Zoom)
    • Federal (House of Representatives)
    • State (Governor/Secretary of State/Attorney General)
    • State (Representative/Senate)
    • Countywide (Commission/Officers)
    • Ann Arbor (Mayor/City Council)
    • Municipal (Mayor/City Council)
    • Judicial
    • School Board
  • May 13 at noon Deadline for submitting HVALF questionnaire for candidates seeking endorsement in a primary race.
  • June 6 Endorsements/Recommendations due to State Fed
  • June 6 COPE Primary Election Candidate Recommendations
  • June 7 HVALF Delegate Meeting / Primary Candidate Endorsements
  • June 9 MI AFL-CIO General Board Primary Election Endorsements
  • June/July Mailings, canvassing, phone banks, rallies
  • July 8 at 5pm Deadline for submitting HVALF questionnaire for candidates who have no primary race.
  • July 29-August 1 GOTV
  • August 2 Primary
  • August 8 COPE General Election Candidate Recommendations
  • August 9 HVALF Delegate Meeting / General Election Endorsements
  • August 18 MI AFL-CIO General Board General Election Endorsements
  • September/October Mailings, canvassing, phone banks, rallies
  • November 4-7 GOTV
  • November 8 General Election

Links to 2022 Questionnaires

In order to learn more about the endorsement process please contact Trent Varva at tvarva@miaflcio.org

We will be holding a Candidate Orientation event on Saturday April 23, from 9am to 11am, and Saturday April 30th, from 1pm to 3pm. Attendance at one of these orientations will be mandatory for candidates seeking their first endorsement of the HV ALF, and returning candidates are HIGHLY encouraged to attend one of the sessions as well. We will reach out to confirm your attendance after your questionnaire has been submitted, or you can contact the Field Coordinator.