Check out this Michigan AFL-CIO web site for an easy way to see which candidates the labor movement has endorsed, from the national level to the local level: https://miaflcio.vote/

HVALF’s Process for Endorsements (2021)

  • HVALF sends email invitations to candidates in elections in which HVALF has taken an interest
  • Candidates may be considered if they fill out the HVALF’s on-line questionnaire, the link is included in the invitation email; no-one who does not fill out the questionnaire will be recommended or endorsed
  • Everyone who fills out an HVALF questionnaire is invited to meet with the HVALF’s Committee on Political Education (COPE) for a short (15 minutes) interview
  • The COPE discusses information gathered from the questionnaire, the interview and other sources, and makes recommendations to the full HVALF delegate body at its next monthly meeting
  • The delegate body discusses the COPE’s recommendations and votes on each.
  • In the case of federal and state candidates, delegate body votes take the form of recommendations to the MI AFL-CIO, which makes endorsements; in the case of local (i.e., city, township, and county) candidates, the HVALF make the endorsements.