HVALF Statement on U-M Regent Ron Weiser

U-M Regent Ron Weiser’s recent remarks to the North Oakland Republican Club are the latest in a series of statements and actions that are incompatible with the values and mission of a public university such as the University of Michigan.  The threats of violence towards five democratically elected officials are particularly abhorrent and have no place in a university dedicated to the open pursuit of ideas. In addition, Mr. Weiser’s misogynistic statements about the top three elected officials of Michigan directly violate the university’s core commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The Huron Valley Area Labor Federation (HVALF), AFL-CIO calls on Mr. Weiser to resign immediately.  We thank Board of Regents Chair Denise Ilitch for removing Mr. Weiser from all Regental Committees. We also thank Regents Ilitch, Bernstein, Acker, Brown, and Behm for calling on Mr. Weiser to resign.

Should Mr. Weiser refuse to resign, we call on the Regents of the University of Michigan to remove Mr. Weiser’s name from all U-M buildings and programs.  If it is necessary to return Mr. Weiser’s donations to U-M in order to remove his name, we urge the Regents to do this.

“We understand that Ron Weiser has given a lot of money to the University of Michigan,” HVALF President Ian Robinson said, “but we can’t allow big donations to buy immunity from accountability and basic standards of decency. We are not living in the age of the robber barons.”

The HVALF will work with its affiliates, which include five local unions representing U-M employees, and with the wider community, to keep the pressure on Mr. Weiser until he does the right thing and resigns his position. We stand with women and non-binary members of the U-M community in opposition to this hateful rhetoric and pledge to do our part to make the University a more inclusive and welcoming place. 

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