Job Description for United Way labor liaison for Jackson County

AFL-CIO – Michigan

United Way of South Central Michigan (UWSCM) and Huron Valley Area Labor Federation (HVALF) seek a Community Services Liaison (CSL).  The CSL will work closely with both organizations to implement the work plan for Jackson County, Michigan that they jointly develop.  With UWSCM, the CSL will be part of the Resource Development and Community Investment teams, with a focus on promoting United Way contributions from union members, helping to recruit union volunteers for United Way activities and facilitating the delivery of services to working families in Jackson County.  With HVALF, the CSL will help to keep area union members informed as to federation goals and activities,  encourage unaffiliated locals to join HVALF, participate in monthly HVALF delegate meetings, and perform the other Federation-related tasks set out in their annual work plan.  

For more information on this position, see the full job description here.  You will find more information on the unique partnership between the AFL-CIO and the United Way here.    

To apply, please send an email with (1) a cover letter explaining why you want this job and how your experience (including union membership if relevant) prepares you for it, (2) your resume, and (3) the names and contact information of three references, to: 

We will review applications as they come in until the position is filled. 

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