2020 Endorsements

(This list was last updated 9/2/2020 and reflects decisions taken through the 9/1/2020 delegate body meeting and the 8/20/2020 MI AFL-CIO general board meeting. HVALF has the authority to issue endorsements only in races at the county and local level. Endorsements made by the state or national federation are included for informational purposes and are so noted. -CW)

For President of the United States – endorsed by the national AFL-CIO:

  • Joe Biden

For US Senator – endorsed by the MI AFL-CIO:

  • Gary Peters

For US House of Representatives – endorsed by the MI AFL-CIO:

  • District 7: Gretchen Driskell
  • District 8: Elissa Slotkin
  • District 12: Debbie Dingell

For State Representative – endorsed by the MI AFL-CIO:

  • District 52: Donna Lasinski
  • District 53: Yousef Rabhi
  • District 54: Ronnie Peterson
  • District 55: Felicia Brabec
  • District 64: Sandra Hofman-Kingston
  • District 65: Nancy Smith

For Michigan Supreme Court:

  • Bridget Mary McCormack
  • Elizabeth Welch

For Michigan State Board of Trustees:

  • Rema Vassar
  • Brian Mosallam

For University of Michigan Board of Regents:

  • Mark Bernstein
  • Shauna Ryder Diggs

For Wayne State University Board of Governors:

  • Shirley Stancato
  • Eva Garza Dewaelsche

For Michigan Board of Education:

  • Ellen Cogen Lipton
  • Jason Strayhorn

For Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners:

  • District 1: Jason Maciejewski
  • District 2: Sue Shink
  • District 3: Shannon Beeman
  • District 4: Caroline Sanders
  • District 5: Justin Hodge
  • District 6: Ricky Jefferson
  • District 7: Andy LaBarre
  • District 8: Jason Morgan
  • District 9: Katie Scott

For Jackson County Commission:

  • District 2: Chris Osinski
  • District 7: Daniel Mahoney
  • District 8: Darius Williams

For Livingston County Commission:

  • District 1: Robert Sexton
  • District 3: John Pallister

For Judge of Washtenaw County 14B District Court:

  • Erane Washington

For Judge of Washtenaw County 22nd Circuit Court (dual endorsement)

  • Nick Roumel
  • Tracy Van den Bergh

For Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney:

  • Eli Savit

For Washtenaw County Sheriff:

  • Jerry Clayton

For Jackson County Sheriff:

  • Joseph Beaman

For Livingston County executive office:

  • For Prosecuting Attorney: Ragan Lake
  • For Clerk: Jordan Genso
  • For Treasurer: Daniel Luria

For Ann Arbor City Council:

  • Ward 1: Lisa Disch
  • Ward 2: Linh Song
  • Ward 3: Travis Radina
  • Ward 4: Jen Eyer
  • Ward 5: Erica Briggs

Ann Arbor City Proposal C

  • YES on Proposal C (1 mill tax for the construction, acquisition, and maintenance of affordable housing)

For Dexter Township Supervisor:

  • Diane Ratkovich

For Hamburg Township Trustee:

  • Marie Joppich
  • Cindy Michniewicz

For Superior Township Clerk:

  • Lynette Findley

For Pittsfield Township:

  • For Supervisor: Mandy Grewal
  • For Clerk: Michelle Anzaldi
  • For Treasurer: Patricia Tupacz Scribner
  • For Trustee (4 to be elected): Linda Edwards-Brown, Yameen Jaffer, and Gerald Krone

For Saline Mayor:

  • Brian Marl

For Saline School Board Trustee:

  • Brad Gerbe

For Napoleon School Board Trustee:

  • James Callahan

For Scio Township:

  • For Supervisor: Will Hathaway
  • For Trustee (4 to be elected): Alec Jerome

For Ypsilanti Township:

  • For Supervisor: Brenda Stumbo
  • For Trustee (4 to be elected): Gloria Peterson and Jimmie Wilson Jr.

For Ypsilanti Community Schools:

  • Maria Goodrich

For Ann Arbor Public Schools:

  • Jeff Gaynor
  • Ernesto Querijero
  • Angie Smith

For Jackson Public Schools:

  • Shalanda Hunt

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